All future-focused businesses are digitizing documents

It is not an entirely new word; Document Digitization is the process of converting paper documents into digital documents mostly achieved through scanning.

It is one of the most important steps to going digital. Going paperless means all of your business information is electronic and with this comes the ability to perform fast searches on the information.

Businesses no longer need to send a customer back until the file they are looking for is found.


We are here to change the way documents are stored

Novacraft  is the name to call when you need peace of mind. Businesses insure assets to have peace when that rainy day comes.

Electronic filing of paper documents is insurance for your valued paper information.

See your team responding to customer queries instantly by simply searching for the files in the Nova Document Management system while talking to a customer on the phone.

Time is money and our system helps you save lots of it!


We store your digitized files in image format.This allows you to generate other types of files form the existing images.

Think of the Nova Document Management System as your facebook of business documents. PDF documents can be generated and downloaded from the system as required.

Individual images can also be accessed in the system. This makes the Nova Document Management System a system that gives you the documents you require in your expected file format.


Documents from the finance department,which are only supposed to be accessed by finance staff stay that way in the system.

Document permission designed to allow only authorized users to access specific document.


Novacraft offer the service of electronic filing of all existing paper documents. New documents can be digitized centrally as they reach the front desk and all back office processes do not need to see the actual paper documents.

That is Novacraft’s definition of going paperless.


  •  Save your information – fire happens and it never sends a warning.When fire happens there is no “undo”
  • Let us give you that ability to recover information when your paper information gets lost.
    • Secure – users only see what they are authorized to see.
  • All documents welcome – All types of documents can live side by side. Documents from all departments and branches are stored in the same system.
  • No need to  pay courier costs to send documents. Send all documents within the system.


Electronic Filing Of Paper Documents

That information in paper documents is at risk.Fire,liquid spillage ,theft and other disasters can destroy them for good. Let us digitize those documents. We turn them into digital documents and store them in a system where you find them using an easy search.

Cloud Storage Of Business Files

Computers can crash or get stolen.
Have peace of mind when all your files are safely backed up on the cloud.

CCTV footage,Office files,video and audio files and all other important computer files.

Data Integration & Database Services

Consolidating data from various sources? Novacraft will work with you throughout the whole process.
Import data from flat files,Excel,Access,Oracle Db,Sql Server Db,MySql and other sources.

Web Design & Hosting

From designing and re-desiging your website to registering your domain name and hosting your website online for the world to access it, Novacraft is the name to remember.

Busines Email Hosting

You can start sending emails using your business name such as and stop using public email addresses such as Access your emails in Outlook, Mobile device and web browsers such as Internet Explorer,Firefox,Opera and others.

Enterprise Systems Development

Novacraft has been building high quality and secure enterprise systems since 2009.Various technologies are employed to get the best results for the client taking into account the type and strength of network connectivity. Desktop,web-based systems,mobile.

Supply of Nova Document Management System

We supply the Nova Document Management System. A system designed to store your digitized documents securely and to make finding documents very easy.
No more spending days looking for a file.

Corporate ICT Training

We share the skills through our sister company called Upcloud Training. Skills such as Excel,Powerpoint for Managers,Word for secretaries and PAs,Access Database,Sql Server Databases,Windows Servers,Computer Networks and other on-demand courses.

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