Enterprise Custom Desktop systems

At Novacraft we build stand-alone systems that are installed on individual workstations.These systems vary in functionality from processing sales receipts to background processes that run automatically to do specified tasks.

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If the organization has branches ,depots or service centers and they want all to be online we offer advice on the architecture to follow to achieve desired presence and performance.



Enterprise Custom Client/Server Systems

These are centralized systems where all data captured from various locations (clients) is collected,processed and stored in one central location ( the server).

Novacraft builds quality and secure systems that run on the client machines to do the data capture and also the server-side logic.Various technologies are employed to get the best results for the client taking into account the type and strength of network connectivity.

iLiNS project



Database Design and Development and Reporting

So you have some data in Excel,word ,other applications or on paper that you would like to have in a database to benefit from backup and disaster recovery features of databases? Novacraft will work with you through the whole process from database system choice to designing the database and developing the required features.

We will also create reports on your data to be printed at any given time.We will work with your usual tools such as Excel,word or Access for the reports.We can also design the reports using more advanced tools based on requirements.


Outsourced on-site /off-site software systems support

We have resources that have done system support for over 10 years in a fast-paced banking environment. You should consider having your systems supported professionally by the Novacraft team.We will monitor your systems,work with your software vendors to suggest improvements,take daily backups of the systems and make sure perioding server house-keeping and health checks are done.This gives your internal stuff the chance to show their real talent rather than doing many things and fail to master any one area.


Responsive Website Design

If it is the online presence you are thinking about,we are the team to work with. That website you have if it is order than 5 years it needs a facelift. We build new sites and redesign old websites.

We have seen many websites done by lazy designers where the news or updates page is either blank or it only shows news items from 2-3 years ago.

 Novacraft have a service called RealNews©  that allows those with exisiting website to have real up-to-date news for their website visitors.

RealNews© can also be used to update internal staff on various issues without having to mass email them. This saves space on the email server.

Responsive websites are those that change shape and size depending on the device they are being viewed on i.e Desktop,Laptop,Tablet or Smart Phone.At Novacraft we build you a website that you are going to love.

Web Hosting

When your website is built we provide it a home. A place where the worl views the website from.We help you get a domain name that people use to reach your website.

 Our servers that run on 100% green energy we host your websites and we guarantee 100% up time

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Company Email Hosting

Once you have a domain name you can start sending emails using your domain name such as jim@harawalogistics.com instead of harawalogistics@gmail.com.   We provide you with the space for your corporate emails.

You can check your email through a web browser such as Internet Explorer or through your favorite email client application.


Company Database Cloud Hosting

Have the database of your project hosted by us and you can view and edit the data from anywhere in the world. You also reduce the risk of losing the data you worked so hard to get in an event of  theft or fire.

  You can colaborate with your team on the data that is centralized. You can be in Zambia and the other person in Korea and both of you can access and edit the data or view reports based on the stored data. You can take offline backup any time.

We guarantee 100% up-time and accessibility for your database.

Mobile Application Development

We all agree that we are living in the data age and mobile access to data is statistically higher than access from computers as stated in the MACRA report.

We build mobile apps that can be used by your customers to get updates and promotional messages from your company, and to interract with your organization.