Now there is a software company that believes in real innovation.We don't call it innovation if you do only the things others have done a thousand times before. Innovation is when we see and make things other people have not done yet.

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Software Innovation

Businesses need real innovative solutions to their problems in order for them to be ahead of competition in tough economic times. The Engineering rule is that we "dont re-invent the wheel" but at Novacraft we question the various design decisions made while inventing the original wheel,as it were.

We do not work by following the so-called normal ways of doing things.At Novacraft we approach each project differently while observing the rules on quality and security.

Cutting edge technology

At Novacraft we follow technological trends and use the latest technology to give our clients an advantage over competition. We do not claim to do everything.

 Our systems run on Windows servers or workstations and our mobile applications are on Android. We believe in doing one thing only but very well.


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Our Services

Enterprise Custom Desktop systems

At Novacraft we build stand-alone systems that are installed on individual workstations.These systems vary in functionality from processing sales receipts to background processes that run automatically to do specified tasks.

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Enterprise Custom Client/Server Systems

These are centralized systems where all data captured from various locations (clients) is collected,processed and stored in one central location ( the server).

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Database Design and Development and Reporting

So you have some data in Excel,word ,other applications or on paper that you would like to have in a database to benefit from backup and disaster recovery features of databases? Novacraft will work with you through the whole process from database system choice to designing the database and developing the required features.

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Outsourced on-site /off-site software systems support

We have resources that have done system support for over 10 years in a fast-paced banking environment. You should consider having your systems supported professionally by the Novacraft team.

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Responsive Website Design

If it is the online presence you are thinking about,we are the team to work with. That website you have if it is older than 5 years it needs a facelift. We build new sites and redesign old websites.

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Web Hosting

When your website is built we provide it a home. A place where the world views the website from.We help you get a domain name that people use to reach your website.

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Company Email Hosting

Once you have a domain name you can start sending emails using your domain name such as instead of

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Company Database Cloud Hosting

Have the database of your project hosted by us and you can view and edit the data from anywhere in the world. You also reduce the risk of losing the data you worked so hard to get in an event of  theft or fire.

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Mobile Application Development

We all agree that we are living in the data age and mobile access to data is statistically higher than access from computers as indicated in the MACRA report.

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Corporate IT Training

We share the skills through out sister company called Upcloud Training.

Skills such as Excel,Powerpoint for Managers,Word for secretaries and PAs,Access Database,Sql Server Databases,Computer Networks and other on-demand courses.

About us

Registered in 2007, Novacraft Software , formerly ECOSYS Limited is a Systems Development company specializing in web applications, desktop applications, database development, web design and hosting, data Integration and data cleansing. We are a team of passionate programmers and software engineers that believe that nothing is impossible. Our software products assist our clients to go paperless through Business Process Automation and we are a truly Malawian software company. We are known for sticking to set timelines while involving the client throughout the project period.Our team was the first to develop an online shoping mall in Malawi back in 2008.

Mission Statement

Novacraft is aiming to be the ICT Company of choice for the Service and Banking industry in Malawi and the Southern Africa region by giving them great service , work force and high quality secure software products supported by exceptional customer service. We will expand to Ghana, USA and other countries that have used or expressed interest in our software products and services.

Our Vision

We see Novacraft as a Successful ICT Company that continues to rise in popularity for providing software products and services that enhance efficiency to our clients operations. A name associated with Excellence, quality service and secure products.

The technical team

A great software company needs to be backed by a qualified and passionate team. Here are Novacraft's engineers.

Mackson Thakwalakwa

Technical Director

Mackson has a Bachelors degree in Information Technology and is a Microsoft Certified Professional in Software Development. He has worked in the banking sector since April 2005 and he has developed and supported high quality systems in major banks in Malawi such as Reserve Bank,National Bank,Standard Bank ,FMB and FDH.
Mackson has worked as Manager for a Business Intelligence Unit and consulted with both local and international organizations on software projects. He loves software development so much that he calls it a hobby and he believes that nothing is impossible.

Joy Thakwalakwa

System Analyst and Developer

Joy has a Bachelor of Information Technology degree and has over 7 years experience in developing business software. With a can-do attitude Joy was part of the team that invented the pre-paid water bill prototype for his final year project in college. He has worked as Data Manager and he developed and implemented systems in Finland. Joy works with self-taught tools to develop systems for clients and he is a great member of the team.